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Advantages of arthroscopy
TIME: 2021-12-30 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

Arthroscopy plays a great role in clinical applications. For patients with joint complications, arthroscopy is of great help to them. So what are the advantages of arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy can see almost all parts of the joint, which is more comprehensive than the incisional joint. Because the image is enlarged, the view is more accurate, and the incision is small, the trauma is small, the scar is less, the recovery is faster, and the complications are less. In some cases, after anesthesia, you can go to the ground for activities, which is of great benefit to the patient's confidence in fighting the disease. For the diagnosis of intractable joint diseases and the treatment of joint pains that have plagued patients for many years, arthroscopic surgery can often achieve immediate results.

Advantages of arthroscopy:

1. The incision is small and beautiful, which can avoid the irritation symptoms caused by the scars on the joint surface and sports parts in the late stage;


2. It is a minimally invasive surgery, with less pain and less postoperative response, which is easy for patients to accept;

3. The limbs can be moved and used in the early postoperative period to avoid the complications of long-term bed rest and reduce nursing staff and expenses;

4. Relatively few complications;

5. It basically does not affect the muscle structure around the joints, and early postoperative functional exercises can be carried out to prevent the disuse and complications caused by the long-term fixation of the joints;


6. It is possible to observe and inspect intra-articular lesions in a nearly physiological environment. It is called "put eyes and fingers into the joints". It can conduct dynamic inspections on joints and improve the diagnostic ability. Some diseases such as synovium Fold syndrome is established through arthroscopy;

7. Arthroscopy can perform operations that were difficult to complete in the past with open surgery, such as partial meniscus resection.

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