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Advantages of automotive endoscopes for automotive inspection
TIME: 2022-01-27 FROM:

The existence of car endoscopes brings great convenience to car inspection. What is the specific performance? Today, HenGal will share with you.

1. The imaging technology of automotive endoscopes is very good, the guidance control is very flexible and accurate, and the inspection images presented are also very bright. In casting inspection and welding quality inspection, casting quality problems can be found more intuitively, quickly and accurately. and weld quality defects.

Portable video endoscope

2. Automotive endoscopes can be used for internal inspection of cavities and pipelines. It can clearly and accurately check and eliminate excess objects for the internal cavity conditions such as engine cylinders and gearbox rafts. It can detect the internal oil channel and water channel holes in the process of traditional engine processing and assembly, and can find and eliminate abnormal factors in time; more efficient auxiliary gearbox processing and assembly; inspection of engine assembly cylinder block and valve during maintenance; timely detection of the casing Cracks, residual scraps, scratches and other defects inside the valve body.

3. Automotive endoscopes can detect lithium-ion batteries and new energy power batteries, which is also an emerging application, which can improve the battery load capacity and prolong the life cycle, which is also inseparable from the assistance of automotive endoscope detection. For example, the detection of scaling damage, scratches, pits on the edge of the battery, as well as the side walls of the hydrogen energy liquid energy storage tank and the environment in the tank, etc.

Portable video endoscope

To sum up, in the automotive industry, the role of automotive endoscopes has been brought into full play, helping staff to see clearly the interior of auto parts and welding seams. The above are the advantages of HenGal's use of automotive endoscopes for automotive inspection. Description, if necessary, you can call for consultation.

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