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Advantages of video otoscope surgery
TIME: 2021-12-21 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

With the development of science and technology, video otoscope has become more and more important in our medical treatment. Video otoscope can observe the places that the microscope can't observe, and can provide patients with timely treatment plans.

The biggest advantage of video otoscope is that it is very minimally invasive:

1: Video otoscope uses the ear canal to perform surgery. There is no incision on the outside, and there is no long-term numbness and discomfort caused by the ear incision.

2: Less bone grinding, less damage to normal structures. For example, if you want to look at things under the table, the microscope method is to constantly change the perspective, but even if you change the perspective, you may not be able to see it. At this time, you need to remove a part of the table surface and bring problems to the reconstruction behind. The video otoscope method is to put your head under the table to look. It's easy to see who is good and who is bad.

Video otoscope

3: There is no need for stitching, so there is no need for stitches to be removed.

4: No need to bandage, or even film.

5: There is basically no discomfort such as pain after the operation.

6: The hospitalization days are few, the recovery is quick, and the impact on work and life is small.

Another major advantage of video otoscope is that the surgical field is clear and easy to operate:

1: With the development of technology, video otoscopes are becoming clearer and clearer. They are called handheld microscopes, which can see the flow of red blood cells in the capillaries. For surgery, it is undoubtedly the most important thing to see clearly in the surgical field.

2: The video otoscope is easy to operate, you can see where you want, not like a microscope that constantly adjusts the angle of view and shakes the operating table.

Video otoscope

3: Not only that, the video otoscope can also see places that are difficult to see under the microscope, such as the deep tympanic sinus and the front end of the tympanic opening of the Eustachian tube.

There are many other advantages of video otoscope, such as good for teaching, good for the growth of young doctors, good for the development of primary hospitals and so on.

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