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Application field of camera module
TIME: 2022-01-06 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd

In which areas are camera modules used, and what are their functions? The application field of camera module is very wide, such as common medical treatment, ATM machine, road monitoring, home monitoring and precision equipment mobile phone module camera. There are camera modules in these industries. It can be said that the camera module is the most basic surveillance component, and it can also be called a surveillance camera without a housing.

What role does the camera module play?

1. You can imagine how painful manual review will be when face recognition is not supported by the camera module. Of course, it would be inconvenient to use a large monitor like road traffic to be serious.

2. The size of the camera module is very small, but the function is very powerful. Generally, the financial system and security system of the bank will install surveillance cameras in hidden corners. At this time, the camera module is used for delivery, because it is very small and easy to hide.

2.1mm camera module with LED

3. Install a hidden camera module in the home to watch the pet's dynamics and check the crowds going to and from the home. Especially those who have been away for long distances or on business trips for a long time need such a device. Using two-way intercom, communication with family members can be achieved.

4. For a long period of time, if you are traveling and there is no one at home to take care of, then you may be targeted by a thief. If you install a hidden cat’s eye WiFi monitor in your home, you can immediately see which strangers are stalking.

The main purpose of the camera module is to better help users manage the family, whether it is a person or a thing, as long as it belongs to the personal property, then its responsibility is to provide solid security.

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