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Application of industrial endoscope in aircraft engine maintenance
TIME: 2022-02-14 FROM: HenGal

Aero-engine is the power source of civil aircraft, which directly affects the safety of passenger aircraft. During the use of aero-engines, faults frequently occur in several core components such as axial compressors, combustion chambers and turbines. At the same time, faults often occur inside the engine. It is difficult to find the specific location of damage from the appearance. The engine is all disassembled, which will greatly reduce the operational efficiency of the passenger aircraft; it will cause huge losses to the airlines.

In view of the particularity of aero-engine maintenance, industrial endoscopy technology is mainly used at present. With the help of industrial endoscopes, the crew inspects the internal components of the engine, finds the existing injuries in time, and evaluates the performance status of the engine.

Handheld video endoscope

1 Features of endoscopy

Endoscopic inspection technology can send back a clear, high-resolution full, color image of the defect at the inspection point, and the image can be enhanced, analyzed and stored.

When using industrial endoscopes, according to the actual situation, the following factors should be considered:

The first is the size of the inspection hole, which will limit the diameter of the endoscope tube;

The second is the approach path of the inspection position. For complex paths, flexible endoscopes are required, while for straight paths, rigid endoscopes can be selected;

In addition, the size of the inspection defect, the light of the inspection point, etc. will affect the acquisition of the image.

Handheld video endoscope

2 Application of endoscopy technology in aeroengine

Compared with other inspection technologies, the technology applied to the aero-engine fault inspection using an industrial endoscope is relatively simple. It uses an endoscope probe to transmit the image inside the engine to an external display. The maintenance personnel pass the experience and engine maintenance manual standards. Perform fault judgment to determine whether the engine meets the airworthiness requirements.

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