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Application of industrial endoscope products
TIME: 2021-10-14 FROM: HenGal

As a new type of industry, endoscopes have personally experienced the journey from rigid optical endoscopes to optical fiber endoscopes to electronic endoscopes. Although the time is short, it has developed rapidly. Nowadays, there are many types of testing instruments, and industrial endoscope is one of them. In recent years, domestic endoscopy has entered the practical stage, and more and more applications have been used to control the quality of product processing, and it has developed into a basic inspection method.

Industrial endoscopes are used in NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) work and are now warmly welcomed by the industrial manufacturing and maintenance industries. my country used endoscopes as the main testing instrument for NDT testing in the 1970s and used it for civil aviation aircraft maintenance. In the mid-1980s, industrial endoscopes were also used in NDT work in pressure vessel, petrochemical, power engineering, machinery manufacturing, ordnance industries.

details as follows:

(1) Aerospace industry: used for aircraft structural frame structure, engine and blade inspection. Endoscope products are used for safety inspections of aircraft turbines, blades, engines, welding seam surfaces, duct surfaces, internal combustion chambers or regular inspections of the airframe, as well as the research, development and manufacturing of rocket engines.

(2) Automobile production and maintenance: Endoscope products are used for routine inspection of automobile parts and engines.

(3) Electricity production and construction units: Endoscope products are used for inspection of wind power, hydroelectric power, thermal power plants and power construction units.

(4) Precision casting and machinery manufacturing: Endoscope products are used for routine inspections of mechanical parts production and casting units.

(5) Petrochemical and pressure vessel industries: Endoscope products are used for inspections in the petrochemical and pressure vessel industries.

(6) Railways, ships, engineering constructions, research units: Endoscope products are used for inspections of locomotives, turbines, engineering constructions, pharmaceuticals, and food pipelines.

(7) National defense and military security, security inspection: Endoscope products are used for routine inspections of weapon equipment and public security. In addition, video endoscope technology has also been used in weapon manufacturing, routine maintenance, security, customs inspection, search and rescue, and life detection.