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Application of industrial video endoscope
TIME: 2022-01-25 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

Industrial video endoscopes are actually endoscope tools used in the industry. They are currently used in a variety of industries. With the continuous reduction in the price of endoscopes, the penetration rate of endoscopes in our country has reached 30%. More than %, which once only appeared in large companies such as airlines, shipping companies, and fire pipeline companies, are now appearing in ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises one after another.

With the rapid development of new energy, electric vehicles, as the pioneer of modern new energy vehicles, have received more and more attention. The market share of automobiles has gradually developed from traditional vehicles to electric vehicles. Industrial endoscopes play a huge role in the maintenance of traditional vehicles and are gradually making greater progress in the field of electric vehicle inspections. The failure of the electric motor drive system of an electric vehicle may cause the rotor eccentricity to generate an unbalanced magnetic pull, which will cause vibration and cause serious damage to the motor, resulting in the collapse of the electric vehicle motor drive system, thereby affecting the operation of the entire locomotive.

Two-Way Articulation Industrial Endoscope

Electronic video endoscopy is a visual inspection that is a basic and simple inspection method in all welding quality control procedures. Through the electronic endoscope, users can find most of the welds on the inner surface of the weldment in time, and quickly find the problems of the weld surface, thus helping the company to greatly reduce the related rework costs. Now it has become an indispensable inspection tool in the welding industry.

Flexible Industrial Endoscope

The industrial video endoscope can completely observe the inside of the rail transit pressure plate groove, the internal debris of the welding marks in the pressure groove, etc. It perfectly solves the reflection problem of the groove wall, and the observation part can be judged intuitively and clearly. Pictures and videos are clear. Nowadays, with the strengthening of quality control of various jobs, industrial endoscopes are mainly used for welding quality inspection. Endoscopy techniques can clearly and accurately determine that the crack has not penetrated completely and that the slag sidewall welding is incomplete. Leaks and similar welds allow fast, clear, and complete storage of endoscopic images and video data, allowing accurate inspection of the quality of internal welds and becoming an important tool for non-destructive testing. So how to correctly distinguish between these common ones? Next, Beijing Jiarui Shida summarized ordinary welding and its characteristics. Common cracked welds will burn through craters, pores, slag, undercuts, incomplete fusion, incomplete penetration, etc.

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