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Application of video laryngoscope in first aid
TIME: 2021-12-03 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.
Tracheal intubation is a technique widely used in emergency rescue. Emergency patients are mostly full stomach patients with complex conditions.


In the rescue work of critically ill patients, tracheal intubation is an important means to maintain the patient's airway patency and supply oxygen to the body. It is also an indispensable technology in modern emergency medicine and anesthesiology. Ordinary laryngoscopes are difficult to effectively reveal the glottis, which can cause tracheal intubation to fail, affect the success rate of rescue, and threaten the life safety of patients.


During emergency rescue, the patients have severe vital signs in a state of instability, most of which are accompanied by increased oral secretions, difficult to display with ordinary laryngoscopy, and unclear vision. Successful intubation relies on the operator's long-term accumulation of experience and proficient operation. For patients with difficult intubation, repeated trials of intubation can cause serious complications. Therefore, the video laryngoscope played an important role at this time.

video laryngoscope


With the aid of visual laryngoscope, the throat structure of patients with tracheal intubation is clearly revealed, which greatly shortens the intubation time, can increase the success rate of tracheal intubation in critically ill patients, and win more time for the successful rescue of patients.


The video laryngoscope has the advantages of simple and effective operation for tracheal and gastric tube intubation, and it is easy to learn to grasp. It has gained time for successful resuscitation and gastric lavage. Visual laryngoscope is used for gastric lavage after tracheal intubation in respiratory failure, which improves the success rate and total success rate of one intubation, shortens the intubation time, and can not only establish an effective artificial airway to improve oxygenation and treat respiratory failure, but also The hemodynamics is more stable and the rescue success rate is higher.


The video laryngoscope does not have too many requirements for mouth opening and head receding, and can complete tracheal intubation in special positions such as semi-recumbent position and lateral position. Even if the special position where the operator and the patient face-to-face is adopted, it does not need to be close. Close to the mouth, the tube can be easily intubated, which can reduce the chance of infection of medical staff.

video laryngoscope


The operation of the visual laryngoscope is more labor-saving, and it is convenient for women or medical staff with less physical strength to operate. In pre-hospital emergency, when cardiopulmonary resuscitation is performed on patients with cardiac arrest. No special posture is required for the operation of the video laryngoscopy endotracheal intubation technique. And does not affect the heart compression. It has the advantages of simple operation, high success rate of intubation, high effective glottal exposure rate, and short glottal exposure time.


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