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Application of video otoscope
TIME: 2021-12-24 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

Video otoscope is a commonly used medical tool. With its help, doctors can better observe the conditions inside the ears and feed the results directly to the video. Through video observation, it can better help doctors treat patients.

In the process of cleaning the external auditory canal or tympanum, it is often necessary to use drugs for irrigation or topical application. The video otoscope can accurately apply the medicine to the diseased area under direct vision, so as to prevent the patient from blindly applying the medicine without acting on the diseased part, causing the disease to persist. When there is secretion in the tympanum of otitis media, non-ototoxic antibiotic ear drops should be used for tympanic washing after the secretion is cleaned. When washing, attention should be paid to the pressure, direction and temperature of the washing liquid.

Video otoscope

The tympanic membrane puncture and aspiration are performed under video otoscope, with clear vision, easy operation, and less trauma. After the effusion is drawn out, drugs can be injected into the tympanic cavity as appropriate. For patients with viscous tympanic fluid or glue ears, double-hole puncture can be used, that is, puncture holes are made in the front and lower quadrants of the tympanic membrane. In the case of unobstructed airflow, it is easier to remove the secretions of the middle ear.

Video otoscope tympanic cavity injection is simple and economical. The lower quadrant of the posterior tympanic membrane is close to the midline and about 2mm away from the tympanic ring. The injection is stopped by slowly injecting the liquid and observing the liquid filling the round window. The periosteal needle with a tube is used to administer the drug. The puncture needle does not need to be pulled out during the treatment process, which can ensure that the drug stays in the tympanum sufficiently, and the tube has a certain degree of flexibility. Even if the patient's head moves slightly during the treatment, the puncture needle will not Cause discomfort or injury to the patient.

Video otoscope

Tympanic tube placement under video otoscope can be performed in outpatient clinics, which not only reduces the cost of inpatient surgery for patients, but also saves time. If postoperative complications occur, they can also be treated in time. For patients with a more curved or narrow external auditory canal, the trauma is less than that of tympanic tube placement under a microscope. During the operation, with the adjustment of the depth of the lens and the magnification of the image by the image monitoring system, close, magnified and clear images can be obtained, which is beneficial to the observation, diagnosis and treatment of early, hidden or small lesions.

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