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Causes of image distortion and blurring of industrial endoscopes
TIME: 2022-02-08 FROM: HenGal

If the user is using the industrial video endoscope, if the lens is firmly connected and within the normal focal length range, the image will be distorted and blurred, and there will be no solution. In fact, don't worry, it may be caused by the dirt on the optical surface. At this time, it is necessary to check the cleanliness of the optical lens and the overall surface of the optical equipment. Clean the lenses, probes and handheld devices.

Cleaning method:

The first is to clean the lens. Check the optical lens for damage or contamination, but there is a ring inside it that should not be touched; use a special cleaner or a cotton swab dipped in 70% alcohol solution to clean it, but it is strictly forbidden to clean the interior of the phase scanning 3D measurement lens ;Clean the internal thread of the lens.

Next, clean the video probe. Check it for damage or contamination; check whether the bending neck is excessively worn, whether the skin is loose, and whether the connection joint is separated; use a special cleaner or a pointed cotton swab dipped in a 70% alcohol solution to clean the probe tip, including the CCD lens On the lens; use a soft cloth dipped in detergent or 70% alcohol solution to clean the rest, including the video probe insertion tube and the fiber optic connection part.

So when this happens, just clean the equipment. Keeping the optical lens and CCD lens clean is a necessary condition for obtaining clear imaging results. Therefore, the entire device should be cleaned after each use, especially after a very dirty environment inspection. Proper maintenance can not only ensure image quality, but also extend service life and save maintenance costs.

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