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Clinical application of arthroscopy
TIME: 2021-12-31 FROM: HenGal Innovative Technology

With the improvement of medical technology, arthroscopy has become more and more widely used in clinical practice. The advent of arthroscopy has provided great help to patients with intractable joint diseases. As an arthroscopy solution provider, today I will introduce to you the clinical application of arthroscopy.

1. Diagnostic function

First of all, arthroscopy can be used to examine various diseases in the joint cavity, and to perform detailed assessment and recording of the condition of various tissue structures in the joint. Some joint diseases, such as pigmented villonodular synovitis, have characteristic arthroscopic manifestations. The diagnosis can almost be reached. At the same time, synovial fluid or diseased tissue can be obtained, biopsy and pathological tissue can be obtained under the supervision of arthroscopy, and further laboratory and pathological examinations can be performed.


However, in recent years, various non-invasive examinations have continued to develop, especially the development of imaging examinations such as B-ultrasound, CT, and MRI. In clinic, arthroscopy for the purpose of diagnosis has become less and less used. However, arthroscopy can observe and explore the lesions under direct vision, and has a certain magnifying effect. It can also perform dynamic observations. It has irreplaceable advantages. Therefore, for patients who have not been able to determine the cause of the disease for a long time after clinical physical examination and various auxiliary examinations. Has application value.

2. Therapeutic effect

In addition to its therapeutic effects on various sports injuries, arthroscopic techniques can also play an important role in the surgical treatment of arthritis. According to reports in the literature, arthroscopy can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of various arthritis such as osteoarthritis, inflammatory joints, crystal arthropathy, infectious arthritis and traumatic arthritis. For bony joints, joint debridement can be performed to remove loose bodies, remove torn meniscus, and trim cartilage surfaces.


3. Application of extra-articular field

Arthroscopic technology is particularly suitable for patients with high requirements for the morphology of the lesion due to its advantages such as small damage and quick recovery. Therefore, in recent years, it has gradually expanded to the treatment of extra-articular diseases. Following the emergence of plate removal under the microscope, removal of external humeral epicondylitis and gluteal fascia contracture, the treatment of subcutaneous hematomas and extra-articular surface cysts using arthroscopic surgery has also increased. The follow-up results showed that this therapy is simple and easy to implement, with small scars, light response, and quick recovery. It can not only achieve the same effect as open surgery, but also avoid the shortcomings of traditional treatment methods.

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