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Clinical application of video laryngoscope
TIME: 2021-11-29 FROM: HenGal Innovative Technology

In the 2013 American Society of Anesthesiologists Guidelines for the Treatment of Difficult Airways, video laryngoscope has been officially used as the first choice after direct laryngoscope failure. The main basis is that video laryngoscope can improve laryngeal exposure and have a higher tracheal intubation success. Rate. Noppens et al. reported that the use of McGrath laryngoscopes can reduce 80% of patients with Macintosh laryngoscopes from I to IV by 2 levels, and successfully insert airway catheters. Graterol et al. reported that a patient with restricted mouth opening successfully completed tracheal intubation with McGrath laryngoscope. Xu Wenli and others reported that visual laryngoscope was used in patients with neck scar contracture, small jaw deformity and restricted mouth opening to obtain good glottal exposure and successfully complete tracheal intubation in a short time. Zeng Ni et al. applied Shikoni laryngoscope to guide transnasal endotracheal intubation for patients requiring maxillofacial surgery. The success rate of one tracheal intubation is high, and they believe that it is more suitable for maxillofacial surgery patients than Macintosh laryngoscope.

video laryngoscope 

Tracheal intubation of difficult airway in burn patients usually adopts awake, nasal blind exploration or preoperative neck scar incision, which has defects such as difficulty in operation and large trauma. Fiberoptic bronchoscopy is one of the effective tools to solve difficult tracheal intubation, but it has disadvantages such as expensive equipment and time-consuming operation. The mastery of intubation technology requires long professional training and practice. Chen Li'an and others applied Shikoni laryngoscope to improve the success rate and speed of tracheal intubation. The use of Shikoni laryngoscope can help to expose the glottis of obese patients and effectively improve the success rate of intubation.


The results of the study show that video laryngoscope can provide a better exposure to the glottis and a higher success rate of intubation for difficult airways. With video laryngoscope as the first choice for intubation, the potentially difficult airway will be greatly reduced. Research results show that the success rate of video laryngoscope intubation is higher than that of direct laryngoscope. There is no statistically significant difference in intubation time between visual laryngoscope and direct laryngoscope, but the intubation time is significantly shortened in difficult airway intubation. The use of visual laryngoscope in the teaching of pediatric anesthesia can provide students with a better exposure field of the glottis.

video laryngoscope


Video laryngoscopy provides anesthesiologists with good technical and psychological preparations for tracheal intubation, especially for difficult airways, and provides a new method for solving the problem of clinical tracheal intubation.


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