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Cost control of disposable bronchoscope
TIME: 2021-12-13 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

As the new crown epidemic continues to ferment, hospitals have become the main battlefield against the epidemic. The tracheal room of the hospital is undoubtedly the front-line department of the war epidemic. It is usually necessary to use a bronchoscope to enter the patient's body to extract mucus, and then put it into a kit for diagnosis. At present, bronchoscopes are mostly used repeatedly in clinical practice, and there is a hidden danger of cross-infection in repeated use.


The introduction of disposable bronchoscopes has greatly eliminated this hidden danger. Disposable endoscopes can provide a safer inspection experience and avoid cross-infection.

 disposable bronchoscope


Disposable bronchoscopes do not need to be decontaminated and repaired, and the cost effect is significant for the clinically necessary but small amount of mirrors. Compared with repetitive bronchoscopes, disposable bronchoscopes do not require decontamination and maintenance, and have unique advantages in reducing costs. Taking disposable bronchoscopy as an example, according to the "Anaesthesia" literature, 500,000 bronchoscopy operations are performed in the United States every year, the number of cross-infection cases is 14,000, and the infection rate is 2.8%.


In addition to eliminating the need for decontamination and maintenance costs, disposable bronchoscopes also reduce the cost of treatment for potentially infected patients. According to the literature, considering only the product cost, the average total cost of repetitive bronchoscopy including purchase, decontamination, maintenance and treatment of potential infections is 511 pounds, while the average cost of disposable bronchoscopy is only 220 pounds, which is significantly lower Repetitive bronchoscopy. In addition to disposable bronchoscopy, the cost advantage of disposable endoscopy products will be more prominent in clinically necessary but less used scopes such as disposable duodenoscopes and disposable ureteroscopes.

 disposable bronchoscope


Due to the low technical barriers of disposable bronchoscopes, there is no need to consider reusability and stability, and the domestic endoscopy industry chain is complete, and the rate of localization of key components is high. Therefore, domestic manufacturers with strong supply chain integration capabilities have developed rapidly.


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