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Factors affecting the detection of industrial endoscope
TIME: 2022-02-15 FROM: Hengal

With the rapid development of industrial technology, industrial endoscopy equipment is increasingly widely used in industry, bringing great convenience to life and industrial work, and helping us improve the efficiency of industrial production. Industrial endoscope is a professional testing equipment that uses its unique non-destructive testing skills to help customers achieve efficient testing services.

So what are the key elements that affect the detection of industrial endoscopy equipment?

1. Lighting conditions

Lighting is the basic condition for the detection of industrial endoscopes, which helps the equipment to perform better detection. Under normal conditions, the color temperature of the illumination light source for industrial endoscope detection is higher than 5600K, and the illumination intensity is higher than 26001m.

Two-Way Articulation Industrial Endoscope

2. Probe position and angle

Generally speaking, the best effect is to observe the image within 525 mm from the detection area. Therefore, the endoscope probe is often required to be as close as possible to the observation point, which can help customers obtain the best quality images. The inspector needs to improve the efficiency and accuracy of inspection by constantly changing the probe in actual work.

3. The resolution, magnification of the equipment and the smallest detectable defect are the technical indicators of the industrial endoscope itself, which can directly affect the test results.

4. The reflectivity of the surface of the object

The surface of different objects has different reflectivity, and the material of the object and the roughness of the surface are closely related. Therefore, the intensity of the industrial endoscope illumination should be determined according to the actual situation in order to obtain clear and effective results.

Flexible Industrial Endoscope

5. Channel

When selecting a channel, it should be as close as possible to the position to be detected, and select the channel with the shortest entry length; try to reduce the number and degree of bending of the probe. First consider the channel from top to bottom and from high to low; give preference to wide channels; strongly recommended Use the tooling to ensure the correct orientation of the probe in the channel; the method of passing through while observing should be used to travel in the channel.

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