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Features of fiber optic endoscope
TIME: 2021-10-14 FROM: HenGal

Fiber-optic endoscope is a precision diagnostic optical instrument that uses optical fibers as light-transmitting and image-transmitting components. As a new technology for equipment diagnosis, it can predict changes in the equipment and determine the nature, extent and potential hidden dangers of the damaged parts. Make accurate judgments and take targeted maintenance measures, it has the following characteristics:

(1) Without disassembling the machine, the optical fiber image tube has good flexibility and minimum bending radius, and can reach the dark, narrow and narrow equipment, pipes, and deep holes, avoiding blindly disassembling the machine, and the work is convenient and effective, thereby reducing the workload and Save maintenance costs.

(2) The image is clear The inside of the machine can be bent into various angles, easy to find the faulty part, and the transmission image has high definition, not only can be observed visually, but also can be connected with special accessories for photo recording or TV recording.

(3) Wide range of applications. It can be manipulated outside the machine to bend the end of the image beam hose in multiple directions, and there are various types of sights to choose from. It can be used for inspection and maintenance equipment in various industrial departments, and at the same time It can also be used for the research, development and manufacturing of some new products.

(4) Only surface defects can be inspected. Like any other detection method, fiber-optic endoscopes also have their limitations. It is a powerful tool to inspect the internal surface defects of the equipment, but for the defects below the internal surface of the equipment, the double spit should be other non-destructive Method of detection.