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From precision tester to measuring endoscope
TIME: 2021-10-14 FROM: HenGal

Some of the items used in life are relatively simple in structure and not messy. Some of the internal structures are quite delicate, which cannot be manufactured by ordinary manufacturers and designers, such as lock cylinders. These precision products need to go through layers of inspection during the production process, but because their internal structure is too fine, it brings difficulties to the inspection process. Therefore, people in the industry often turn to help when encountering this situation.

As the name suggests, a measuring endoscope is a device that can peek into the internal structure of an object. It is the same as the medical endoscope, and it is a device that can easily observe the internal structure of things. For precision products such as lock cylinders and KZ, if you want to know whether the internal structure is normal and reasonable, and the internal structure conforms to the national standard, you must rely on equipment to observe.

Although it seems that it is far away from such a professional equipment, it is not even related, but in fact the application and popularity of measuring endoscopes have far exceeded everyone's imagination. Almost every manufacturer of precision instruments needs to purchase professional endoscopes. The precision objects in everyone's daily life can be produced and used smoothly because of the escort of professional equipment.

In terms of inspection, due to man-made damage or natural disasters, regular inspections of pipelines are very important. However, if there is a problem, the staff have to dig a large area of the road to find the shortcomings, and it is extremely difficult to find the missing points, which is very difficult to handle. With the emergence of measurement endoscopes, these problems have been solved; in car repair, the development of car manufacturing has put forward higher requirements for repair technology. The emergence of measuring endoscopes makes these problems easy to solve. It can detect and diagnose the wear, carbon deposits, and blockages of car engines, transportation systems, differentials, water tanks, fuel tanks, gearboxes, etc. After its detection, it not only improves work efficiency, but also avoids multiple times on related parts. Harm caused by disassembly.