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OV9734 Solution Features

The Solution Features: 

1. OV9734 full digital video transmission, 1280*720@30FPS progressive lossless output;

2. The video data is transmitted without format conversion, directly enters the main control processing; no compression, no data loss; stable and clear images;

3. Add a signal extension chip, 7-core wire (including LED), effective transmission at least 6 meters.

4. The overall power consumption of the module is low, and the temperature can be controlled within 41 degrees Celsius;

5. Support image ISP parameter adjustment: one-key white balance, extinction, three primary color tone adjustment, etc.;

6. Support multi-size LCD display, 2.8 inches, 3.5 inches, 4.5 inches, 5 inches, 10.1 inches, etc.

7. All series support capacitive touch screen;

8. Support functions such as photographing, video recording, image playback, image freezing, etc.;

9. Highly customized, customized PCB motherboard, module, UI interface according to customer requirements;

10. Support user upgrade;

11. The power consumption of the whole machine solution is within 2W, which is more suitable for portable devices using batteries. 

12.  The solution is mature and reliable, and has been maturely applied to multiple models;

13.  Suitable for medical disposable applications; 

OV9734 Solution Features

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