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The clinical significance of pyeloscope
TIME: 2021-12-15 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.
Pyeloscope is an auxiliary diagnostic method used to check whether the kidneys are normal. Ureter-nephroscopy is an important development in urinary endoscopy technology. It has changed the traditional concept that it is difficult to perform visual inspection of the ureter and that ureteral diseases must be treated with open surgery for a long time. Ureteroscopy can be divided into two types for diagnosis and treatment according to the purpose of use.


Clinical significance:

Abnormal results: The incidence of comorbidities in ureteroscopic surgery varies greatly due to factors such as the patient's condition, the ureteroscope used, and the clinical experience of the surgeon.

Disposable pyeloscope


Intraoperative complications:

(1) The ureteral submucosal injury forms a false tract: it often occurs in the ureteral orifice and the ureteral bladder wall, the part of the ureter that is twisted and angled, and the stone is incarcerated in the ureter. Submucosal injury is a kind of minor ureteral injury. If it can be found in time, the guide wire or catheter will be withdrawn and put back into the correct ureteral cavity under a ureteroscope. There is no harm to the patient. However, if not paying attention, it will cause "guide wire cutting injury", that is, when the surgeon fails to detect the submucosal injury caused by the guide wire in retrograde intubation, he will continue to carry out a series of expansions along the guide wire or retrograde insertion of the ureter Mirror, minor damage continues to expand and cut, causing perforations and tears. 


(2) Perforation of ureter


(3) Ureteral tear: Ureteral tear is the most serious complication in ureteroscopic lithotripsy. It may occur when an oversized stone is forcibly pulled out with a mesh basket stone, or when a perforation occurs without paying attention. Blindly taking stones from the mirror and causing more serious damage. Sometimes in cases of ureteral stenosis, forced ureteral dilation or upper ureteroscopy may cause severe ureteral lacerations. In ureteroscopy, as long as the operator is cautious and the surgical instruments are available.


People who need to be checked:  

1. Intravenous urography or retrograde angiography finds filling defects of the renal pelvis and ureter, and the nature of the disease needs to be clarified.

Disposable pyeloscope


2. The imaging examination is normal, but the urine cytology has a positive finding, and the lesion site needs to be clarified. 


3. Unexplained ureteral stricture or obstruction. 


4. For unexplained bleeding from the ureteral orifice, it is necessary to clarify the location and cause of the bleeding. 


5. Follow-up observation of local resection of upper urinary tract tumors.


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