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The development of arthroscopy
TIME: 2021-12-29 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

Arthroscopy is a rod-shaped optical device with a diameter of about 5mm that observes the internal structure of the joint. It is an endoscope used for the diagnosis and treatment of joint diseases. Plays an important role in surgery.

Arthroscopy technology originated in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century, and has been greatly developed in the United States and other countries after the 1970s. In the past few decades, arthroscopy has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of intra-articular diseases.

Through arthroscopy, the intra-articular structure can be comprehensively observed, which is more subtle than the incision operation. Many intra-articular structures and lesions can be directly observed and treated. Some people regard arthroscopy, internal fixation of fractures, and artificial joint replacement as the three important advances in the field of orthopedics in the 20th century. Arthroscopy technology has been widely accepted. In the past, it was called "young people's toy". Now it has become a standard diagnostic method and treatment technique. Arthroscopic technology is an important part of joint surgery, which fully reflects the development trend of modern surgery with minimal invasiveness.


With the gradual popularization of endoscopic technology in my country, arthroscopic surgery has become a routine diagnosis and treatment method for bone and joint surgery. At present, arthroscopy has the most comprehensive function and the most widely used in all systems of the whole body, and thus forms an independent arthroscopic surgery. The arthroscopic surgery business has become a growth point for the performance of hospitals and departments.

In 2008, a total of 790 hospitals in China had arthroscopic system facilities that can perform arthroscopic surgery. These hospitals are mainly concentrated in top three hospitals; by 2012, a total of 2,640 hospitals in China have arthroscopic system facilities that can perform arthroscopic surgery. The annual growth rate is 35%, covering almost all tertiary hospitals and about 30% of the second-class hospitals.

The hospital's budget for purchasing arthroscopy systems has not been affected by the economic crisis and China's economic slowdown. In some developed cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, its arthroscopy technology level has been comparable to that of developed countries. Arthroscopic surgery has begun to shift from the city's tertiary hospitals to the grassroots, which is suitable for my country's national conditions and covers the population to the greatest extent.


The basic structure of the arthroscopy is an optical system. The center is a rod lens system that collects images, the surrounding is an optical fiber leading into the light source, and the outside is a metal protective sheath. By creating a small incision of about 0.8mm~1.0cm in the skin, putting the arthroscopy into the joint, and connecting the camera and display equipment behind it, you can directly observe the shape and pathology of the joint, and use special equipment to treat the joint Internal diseases are treated, thereby avoiding many joint incisions.

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