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The development of hysteroscopy in China in recent years
TIME: 2022-01-11 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology

In recent years, great progress has been made in the development of hysteroscopy, with various functions becoming more and more perfect and practical, mainly due to the progress in the following aspects: ① the improvement of the optical system of the mirror column; ② the invention of the dilatation device; ③ the optical fiber and the cooling system The application of light source; ④ the miniaturization of surgical instruments under the microscope. As an endoscope manufacturer, today we will take a look at the development of hysteroscopy in China in recent years.

In the 1990s, the United States introduced coaxial bipolar electrode resection, coagulation system and uterine balloon thermal coagulation endometrial therapy. The former has both electrocoagulation and laser vaporization functions, and it reduces the probability of accidental electrical burns in unipolar resection; the latter only requires hysteroscopy for primary screening, pre-treatment and follow-up, making the surgical operation simpler, more effective and safer. , worthy of in-depth research and scientific summary.


In addition, there are hysteroscopes specially designed for special purposes, such as villus biopsies for prenatal diagnosis in early pregnancy (7-9 weeks), embryo-fetoscopes, and transuterine-guided hysteroscopes. Slim and flexible salpingoscopy (inspecting and dredging the fallopian tube lumen), etc., but most of them are still in the research stage, and their practical value has yet to be evaluated.

In my country, hysteroscopy technology started late, but developed rapidly. As early as the late 1950s, medical technicians in my country began to explore and develop hysteroscopes. In 1958, the 202 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army used cystoscopy to observe the dog's uterus in vivo. In 1976, the rigid straight tube type anterior oblique hysteroscope was clinically tested, and the effect was satisfactory. In 1981, Feng Zanchong et al first reported 186 cases of hysteroscopy and 66 cases of hysteroscopic treatment, which was called the "Moji" of hysteroscopy in my country. In 1990, Xia Enlan of Beijing Fuxing Hospital successfully carried out electric cutting hysteroscopy, and established the Asian branch of the International Hysteroscopy Training Center, which played an active and extensive role in promoting hysteroscopy in my country.


In the past 10 years, my country's hysteroscopy technology has developed rapidly, but the development in various regions of the country is extremely unbalanced. For example, some regions have reached or exceeded the international level, but some remote regions have not yet developed this technology. With the development of science and technology, some high-tech instruments with no damage or less damage, such as ultrasound imaging and magnetic resonance imaging, are becoming more and more popular, which may replace diagnostic hysteroscopy, but it is impossible to replace surgical hysteroscopy, because after the It is an ideal high-tech that patients can be given surgical treatment while obtaining a correct diagnosis.

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