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The development of video otoscope
TIME: 2021-12-22 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

Ear and nose examinations are the basic methods of modern medical examinations. Existing ear and nose examinations must be conducted by medical staff in close contact with the patient, relying on medical staff’s observations, and then through medical equipment such as otoscopes for diagnosis.

This close-range diagnosis method will cause some patients to have a sense of psychological oppression and discomfort, resulting in a certain degree of resistance and uncooperative actions, which will lead to deviations in the measurement results.

Today I’m going to introduce the video otoscope. Through the video connection device, the medical staff can easily operate the otoscope, and clearly observe the disease of the patient’s ear and nose on the display screen, communicate with the patient, and allow the patient to join In the process of inspection, understand the various phenomena of the disease. This diagnosis method that reflects humanistic care greatly reduces the patient's psychological pressure and incompatibility, and reflects the people-oriented nature of modern medical methods.

Video otoscope

This video-enabled otoscope and its mechanism overcome the shortcomings of the existing otoscope, and will have broad application prospects and promotion value in my country.

Through the video otoscope, in addition to allowing the doctor to see the disease, it can also be seen by the patient, and the disease pattern can be saved for use in the consultation or review, and the operation is simple and convenient, and the general doctor can operate it after reading the manual.

Otoscope is a kind of endoscopic instrument for examination or surgical evaluation of external ear canal, tympanic membrane, middle ear, etc. The otoscope can observe the parts that are not easy to observe with the operating microscope, such as the upper thigh chamber and the posterior thigh chamber, so as to find the middle ear lesions in time and reduce the recurrence rate of the lesions. The advantages are that it is non-invasive, high resolution of images in the ear, high lighting function, and high diagnosis rate. It enables clinicians to grasp the specific subtle lesions in the ear and provide patients with timely treatment plans.

Video otoscope

It is not recommended for the following patients:

1. Those who are too young or cannot cooperate for other reasons.

2. People with severe heart and lung insufficiency, excessive and weak physique.

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