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The history of endoscopy
TIME: 2022-01-21 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

The term "endoscopy" is derived from the Greek words "internal" and "examination". Humans are naturally curious. After a long period of exploration and invention, this important tool for peeping into one's own internal organs has been formed step by step, and has been used more and more widely in clinical medicine.

The real development of the endoscope began in modern times. In 1806, Philip Bozzini of Frankfurt, Germany, was credited as the inventor of the first endoscope. He created a "bright light device" that uses a candle as a light source to observe the internal structure of the bladder and rectum of animals. The first time this early endoscope was applied to the human body was the "father of endoscopy", a French surgeon Desormeaux. The term "endoscope" was also used for the first time in an article between him and Segelar.

Handheld video endoscope

Before Edison invented the incandescent lamp, the lighting problem of the endoscope could not be effectively solved. In 1867, Bruck, a dentist in Breslau, used an electric current to cause a platinum wire ring to overheat and emit light as a light source to probe the patient's mouth. He can be regarded as the first person to use an internal light source. After the invention of the incandescent lamp, it not only solved all the previous lighting problems, but also accelerated the development of endoscopy, setting a milestone for endoscopy science. By 1983, Dubois of France took the lead in applying endoscopic technology to appendix and gallbladder surgery and achieved success.

In the early stage, endoscopy was only used for diagnosis, which made pathological tissue biopsy no longer rely on direct dissection and exploration. With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of medical device technology, scientists have integrated surgical operation tools into endoscopes, creating the era of minimally invasive surgery. The application of endoscope in plastic surgery was first developed with the help of laparoscope, arthroscope and their supporting equipment. With the change of instruments and equipment, endoscopes and supporting instruments suitable for plastic surgery have already been put into the practice of plastic surgery.

In 1992, at the Los Angeles Plastic Surgery Conference in the United States, the use of endoscope to perform forehead rhytidectomy was reported for the first time, which greatly promoted the application and development of endoscopic technology in plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is the discipline that pays the most attention to postoperative aesthetics. It can achieve safer and more accurate lifting with smaller incisions. This is exactly where endoscopic technology is used in plastic surgery, and it is also used in face lifting and wrinkle removal. The obvious advantage of fear preparation.

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