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The role of hysteroscopy
TIME: 2022-01-12 FROM: HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

Hysteroscopy is the use of a hysteroscope to observe the uterine cavity under direct vision. Hysteroscopy is currently widely used, for example, for irregular vaginal bleeding, endometrial polyps, endometrial thickening or unidentified uterine foreign bodies, etc., hysteroscopy can be used to check. Laparoscopic examination can avoid blind curettage and some diseases that cannot be clearly identified, such as color Doppler ultrasound or CT and MRI.

Hysteroscopy is a modern and emerging minimally invasive method for examining and treating gynecological diseases. Its functions include:

1. The internal conditions of the uterine cavity can be visually observed to help diagnose gynecological diseases, such as checking the thickness of the endometrium, whether there are endometrial polyps, whether the uterine cavity is adhered, etc.

2. Uterine fibroids protruding into the uterine cavity can be detected, and it is more intuitive to diagnose whether the intrauterine environment is abnormal.


3. Hysteroscopy has a certain therapeutic effect on gynecological diseases. For example, endometrial polyp removal, intrauterine adhesion decomposition, diagnostic curettage and curettage can be performed intuitively through hysteroscopy.

Hysteroscopy is less traumatic and quicker to recover. Using hysteroscopy for gynecological examination and treatment is popularized in many regular hospitals and recognized by the majority of patients.

Hysteroscopy is more direct, accurate, reliable, reduces missed diagnosis, and significantly improves the accuracy of diagnosis. It can not only directly see and examine the physiological and pathological lesions in the uterus, but also dredge the blocked fallopian tubes, remove submucosal fibroids, or remove the bleeding caused by fibroids. endometrial lining.

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