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The role of video laryngoscope in COVID-19 treatment
Since December 2019, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has broken out from Wuhan in the hinterland of the Central Plains, sweeping across the country, and there have been confirmed cases across the country. With the courageous deployment of the central government, strict prevention and control in various regions, and the retrograde guardianship of medical workers, the current epidemic has been effectively controlled.


New coronary pneumonia is mainly spread by respiratory droplets or close contact. Tracheal intubation is one of the clinical operations that are in close contact with the patients airway. The operator is very susceptible to droplets or secretions, and the risk of infection during tracheal intubation is very high. Therefore, the video laryngoscope played an extremely important role in this epidemic. The video laryngoscope is used to accurately and quickly insert the oxygen tube into the patient's glottis in the preparation of the operation, assisting the use of the ventilator, winning valuable operation time and reducing the risk of operation. Compared with traditional laryngoscopes, it is easier to use.

 video laryngoscope


If a catheter is to be placed in the trachea, it is a huge foreign body for the respiratory tract. Therefore, the anesthesiologist gave him general anesthesia and allowed patients to receive endotracheal intubation without resistance. First, it can greatly shorten the intubation time, and second, it can increase the success rate of intubation. The most important point is to protect the medical staff. In the past, the risk of anesthesia was mainly due to the inability of the technology, drugs, and equipment in the past. But now these are basically resolved. Because we have a video laryngoscope, we can directly see the path of the catheter through the nose and mouth through the screen, and see where the "glottis" is, and it's easy to insert it. So now the risk of anesthesia itself is very small.


Choose video laryngoscope for tracheal intubation. For patients with suspected or confirmed new coronary pneumonia, it is recommended to use disposable laryngoscopes and video laryngoscopes for tracheal intubation to prevent the operator from facing the patients oropharynx for a long time and close to reduce the risk of infection.

 video laryngoscope


The video laryngoscope has the advantages of clear glottis exposure, convenient and fast operation, less damage to the tracheal intubation, and high success rate of intubation. Especially in the rescue process of patients with new coronary pneumonia, it can keep doctors away from the patient to operate, effectively reducing the risk of doctors infection.


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