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The scope of use of industrial endoscopes
TIME: 2022-01-17 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

Industrial endoscopes are mainly used in automobiles, aero-engines, pipelines, mechanical parts, etc., which can realize non-destructive testing without disassembling or destroying the assembly and stopping the operation of the equipment, and are widely used in aviation, automobiles, ships, electrical, chemical , electricity, gas, atomic energy, civil construction and other modern core industries. So do you know the scope of application of industrial endoscopes?

1. Weld surface defect inspection. Check the welding quality such as cracks on the surface of the weld, lack of penetration and weld leakage.

2. Intracavity inspection. Check for surface cracks, peeling, pulling wires, scratches, pits, bumps, spots, corrosion and other defects.

3. Status check. When certain products (such as worm gear pumps, engines, etc.) work, endoscopy is carried out according to the items specified in the technical requirements.

Two-Way Articulation Industrial Endoscope

4. Assembly inspection. When there is a requirement and need, use an industrial video endoscope to check the assembly quality; after the assembly or a certain process is completed, check whether the assembly position of each component meets the requirements of the drawings or technical conditions; whether there are assembly defects.

5. Excess inspection. Check the product cavity for residual swarf, foreign matter and other excesses.

Due to its special size design, the industrial endoscope allows us to observe the internal surface structure or working state of the object easily and accurately without destroying the surface of the detected object.

Portable video endoscope with 5'' screen

Industrial endoscopes can be used for inspection and observation of high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and places that cannot be directly observed by the human eye. They are mainly used in automobiles, aircraft engines, pipelines, mechanical parts, etc. Non-destructive testing can be realized when the operation is stopped. On the other hand, the industrial endoscope can also be connected with a camera, a video camera or an electronic computer to form a photographing, imaging and image processing system, so as to monitor, record, store and map the field of view objects. Image analysis. Provides a good guarantee for diagnosis and treatment.

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