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The use environment of industrial endoscope
TIME: 2022-02-11 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

Electronic endoscope refers to a new type of non-destructive testing instrument that combines electronic technology, optics and precision machinery. The CMOS/CCD chip is used to collect images, and the observed images are directly displayed on the monitor, and at the same time, it is convenient to record the image data permanently.

At present, in actual detection, rigid rod type, optical fiber type and video type endoscopes have different scopes and different ways of application, which meet the needs of fault detection to a certain extent.

Electronic endoscopes have certain requirements for the detection environment. The daily use of machinery and equipment products requires maintenance. Electronic endoscopes are no exception. The daily maintenance of electronic endoscopes is also very important. directly affect the normal operation of the work.

Two-Way Articulation Industrial Endoscope

Different electronic endoscopes have different uses and methods of use. In particular, before purchasing an electronic endoscope, you must understand the environment and requirements of use, so that you can better choose an industrial video electronic endoscope. In the place where the electronic endoscope takes pictures and videos, under some special circumstances, the probe should be covered with a layer of things to protect it, so as to avoid friction of the probe and an unclear picture.

In the process of detection, when encountering an object that obstructs the crawler, do not pull hard, and find a way to use skill to further extend, otherwise it will bend in a line, which is not conducive to internal transmission.

Flexible Industrial Endoscope

If there is a large amount of corrosion on the surface of the measured object, it will also seriously affect the measurement effect. If the pipe diameter of the workpiece is too small, it cannot be measured. We can reduce the workpiece curvature of the equipment to help the equipment measure better. A special probe with small diameter can be used to measure the curved surface material of the pipeline more accurately and enter the inner part of the equipment, thereby improving the detection accuracy.

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