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The use of industrial endoscopes in machinery manufacturing
TIME: 2022-02-09 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

Today, HenGal will share with you the use of industrial video endoscopes in precision casting and machinery manufacturing. The details are as follows:

Industrial video endoscopes are mostly used in the production of mechanical parts, casting units to inspect products, and also used to inspect auto parts casting, hydraulic casting, pump body and valve body casting, mechanical parts casting, and pipeline pipe fittings casting units. It is used to check the quality control of casting sand inclusion, burr and staggered holes.

The inspection technology of industrial video endoscopes has requirements in the machinery casting industry, such as compactness and flexibility. Most of the parts are relatively small holes, so the endoscope must be smaller, flexible and easy to insert, and the video display is required to be more intuitive and clear. Wait until something becomes clear.

Handheld video endoscope

Industrial video endoscope is a new type of non-destructive testing instrument that combines electronic technology, optical technology and precision mechanical technology. It is mainly used in the detection of inaccessible and non-visible objects, and belongs to the visual inspection items of non-destructive testing. For most people, they know very little, and more about the use of medical electronic gastroscopes. In fact, this is not the case. The principle of industrial endoscopes is the same as that of medical endoscopes. They use the principle of optoelectronics to realize images transfer display.

Therefore, video industrial endoscope is the industrial expansion of medical endoscope.

Portable video endoscope

With the increasing advancement of technology and the continuous improvement of modern detection methods, the control of quality requirements is more stringent, so industrial video endoscopes have gradually entered major industries.

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