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The use of portable endoscope in vehicle inspection
TIME: 2022-01-24 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

Portable endoscopes are widely used. They can be used in the development, manufacture, maintenance and repair of railway engineering vehicles and transportation vehicles. Even portable endoscopes can be used in the infrastructure process of railways. So how does portable endoscopes work in the railway industry? What about the application? Today, I will share with you the use of portable endoscopes in the maintenance and inspection of engineering vehicles in railway engineering. The details are as follows:

With the progress of the times, the construction of railway projects of various scales can be seen everywhere. The quality of railway construction must be guaranteed, and the efficiency is also the top priority. In order for the railway to be put into use as scheduled, portable industrial endoscopes play a vital role in this construction. The portable endoscope can carry out maintenance and inspection of railway engineering vehicles, such as gearbox inspection, traction motor inspection, hollow shaft inspection, internal combustion engine carbon deposition inspection, etc.

Portable video endoscope with 5'' screen

The detection method of portable endoscopy is slightly different from other non-destructive testing. It can directly reflect the inner and outer surface of the detected object, without the need to judge by data comparison or the skills and experience of the testing personnel. It avoids that the test results are affected by the user's own lack of experience. And at the same time of inspection, we can use industrial endoscopy equipment to make dynamic video recording or photographic recording of the entire inspection process, quantitatively analyze the defects found, and measure the length, area and other data of defects.

In general, the application of portable endoscopy equipment in the railway industry is very extensive, involving the development and manufacture of railway engineering vehicles and transport vehicles, maintenance and repair and other fields, including the construction and maintenance of bridges and tunnels.

Portable video endoscope with 5'' screen

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