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What damage will the electronic endoscope probe be
TIME: 2022-01-26 FROM: Shenzhen HenGal Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

The probe is the core component of the electronic endoscope. There is a camera at the end, and the interior is packed with an illumination fiber bundle, a guide tungsten wire and a video signal cable. If the operation is not standardized, or sharps or heavy objects will damage the electronic endoscope. The mirror probe will cause damage, in addition to its own damage, it will also deform. These injuries will also seriously affect the functional performance of all aspects of the entire system. Today, Hengal will share the manifestations of damage to the electronic endoscopic probe.

1. If the probe is deformed under pressure, or the guide channel is squeezed and the guide friction increases, the guide angle in one or more directions will be attenuated.

2. If the camera at the front of the probe is squeezed and damaged by external force, the video image information captured by the probe cannot be converted normally. At this time, the color of the image displayed on the screen of the handheld will appear abnormal, even color distortion and blurry screen.

Handheld video endoscope

3. If the illumination fiber bundle in the probe is damaged, it will affect the illumination light transmission, so the illumination brightness will be weakened.

4. The video signal cable inside the probe is damaged, the video signal cannot be transmitted normally, and the image processing part of the handheld cannot receive the signal, and a black screen will appear.

5. The lens at the front end of the probe is damaged, and the deformed light guide tube has cracks, so that the output light of the lens will diverge, and it will not be able to capture the object to be measured, so it cannot be measured.

Handheld video endoscope

There will be various damages to the electronic endoscope probe. If the guidance, image display, and lighting are abnormal, there may be problems with the lead screw, display screen, and light source, but it is not ruled out that the probe is damaged. Contact as soon as possible. factory.

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