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  • 3.9mm HD camera for medical endoscope
    We have a strong R&D team providing services which include appearance design, mechanical structure design, electronic hardware& firmware development, trail production and small quantity production. Our contracted assemble factory who is also certificated by ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485 that guarantee the manufacturing large quantity order for our clients.
1280*720 pixels

  1280*720 pixels endoscope camera module USB2.0 interface high-performance image processing decoder board, built-in image processor and digital signal processor, output high-quality image quality, through advanced image algorithm technology, get professional image picture, The 1280*720 pixels camera module is an excellent solution in the field of medical endoscopy; it supports plug-and-play with OTG protocol, and can be applied to Android systems, windows systems, and liunx systems without any problems; it outputs YUV2 signals and MJPEG signals, with a maximum pixel of 1280* In the case of 720, it can transmit 30fps VGA YUV/MJPEG 15fps QVGA YUV/MJPEG, and it is extremely low power consumption and extremely low signal delay.

  1280*720 pixels endoscope camera module product features

  Lightweight appearance design, easy to operate;

  Equipped with 6 high-brightness LED lighting, adjustable brightness

  It can be assembled without disassembly or destruction and the equipment will stop running.

  non-destructive testing

  Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, strong endurance

  The camera uses a high-sensitivity chip to provide excellent quality images

  The screen can be rotated

  High-sensitivity waterproof camera

  Connect with mobile phone via WiFi, real-time viewing video, taking photos, video recording, etc.

  1280*720 pixels camera module product introduction

  Modular design, the camera can be detached, and the camera probes of different functions and sizes can be matched according to requirements (17mm/28mm)

  High-definition 100W pixels, ultra-high definition

  Simple upgrade version, one-click photo and video

  Stainless steel camera, 12 high brightness LED lights

  IP68 waterproof camera stainless steel camera, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant

  The battery can last 7 hours

  1280*720 pixels camera module cable length customization

  IP68 waterproof grade certification, ROHS/CE/FCC and other export certification

  Laser logo maker, free local language interface update

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