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  • PA Series Two-Way Articulation Industrial Endoscope
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PA series

  Introduction to PA articulation endoscope

  The PA articulation endoscope is designed to inspect and observe holes, pipes, slits and other places that are difficult for the human eye to see. The far end of the PA articulation endoscope is equipped with a miniature camera and high-brightness LED for lighting. The image captured by the camera is input to the computer through the USB interface, and the high-definition image is displayed on the 2 million display screen. The camera is connected to a curved part, and by pressing the shutter release button at the back of the handle, push the curved part to do a 0° to 180° bending motion. Using the self-locking device of the shutter cable, the bending angle of the camera can be locked at any bending position.

  PA articulation endoscope product use

  •Aircraft engine inspection and maintenance

  •Pipeline inspection and maintenance

  •Inspection and maintenance of air compressors and various gas cylinders

  •Customs luggage inspection

  •Inspection and maintenance of equipment and machinery

  •Inspection and maintenance of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, gasoline engines, diesel engines, etc.

  Features of PA articulation endoscope

  1.The bending part of the PA articulation endoscope can be continuously bent from 0° to 180°

  2.The bending operation can be performed with one hand, and the bending angle can be adjusted by pressing or releasing the button with the thumb.

  3.The bending angle can be locked or unlocked by the angle lock.

  4.Has a very small bending radius (only 30mm)

  5.High brightness LED lighting, adjustable brightness

  6.Large depth of field: 40mm to 4000mm

  7.Good compatibility: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and MAC, plug and play

  8.Use OTG cable to connect with some Android systems

  9.Through the WiFi box, the endoscope can be connected to iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets

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