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Mechanical Engineer:

Job content:

1. Responsible for the company's new product structure development;

2. Responsible for the research and development follow-up of new product projects;

3. Responsible for mastering the project development progress, and regularly reporting to the project leader.

4. Responsible for evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the new product's appearance, structure, and performance, and analyzing the performance, advantages and disadvantages of competing products, and proposing improvement plans and opinions for the shortcomings.

5. Participate in product structure design, and carry out internal and external structure design according to the product design and development cycle.

6. Carry out product prototype verification, make product BOM list, parts drawing, structure drawing, exploded drawing, mold list, etc.

7. Cooperate with the testing, verification and parameter adjustment of the functional parameters of the parts and the whole machine.

8. Arrange for trial production, follow up various tasks for trial production, analyze and formulate solutions for problems that arise in a timely manner.

Skill requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in mechanics or mechatronics, under 35 years old.

2. Familiar with ProE, AutoCAD and other office software;

3. Familiar with the safety standards of medical device and equipment, familiar with the structural characteristics of medical device and equipment.

4. 4 years of experience in product development, capable of independent design of structure, product development experience in endoscope is preferred.

5. A certain degree of experience in molds is required, and a certain understanding of the structure of plastic injection molds.

6. Have good analytical and judgment skills, strong execution, good communication and expression skills, can bear a certain amount of pressure, and have a strong team spirit;

7. Have good English reading skills.


Hardware Engineer:

Job content:

1. Complete the schematic drawing of the embedded project and the selection of related devices;

2. Finish PCB LAOUT, and sort out related production materials;

3. Complete the early-stage debugging of the circuit board and hardware BUG resolution;

4. Assist production to complete prototype production and solve mass production problems;

Skill requirements:

1. Good communication and coordination skills; patience, fully integrated into the company environment; confident, optimistic, cheerful, and able to withstand pressure;

2. Electronic professional background, familiar with commonly used digital circuits, analog circuits, and solid basic knowledge of electronics;

3. Proficiency in using OrCAD to draw schematics, POWER PCB to draw circuit boards;

4. Proficiency in using oscilloscope and other instruments to do circuit testing and bug troubleshooting, and have relevant project experience;

5. Have basic software knowledge and can design embedded circuits with software;


Sample Engineer:

Job content:

Complete the full set of technological processes for the production of endoscope module samples, including: manual chip placement, cleaning and focusing, assembly and other complete processes; Cooperate with electronic engineers to do circuit troubleshooting analysis, failure analysis, etc.

Skill requirements:

1. Good communication and coordination skills; patient and fully integrated into the company environment;

2. The manual soldering process requires high and fine-grained, and it can mount 0.4mm pitch BGA to complete the soldering line on the BGA ball;

3. With basic knowledge of electronic circuits, you can roughly judge the fault points of the circuit;

4. Experience in making module camera samples is preferred;